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Baloncesto Callejero

Do you have the skills to play the best street-ball in the city!

Baloncestor Callejero brings fast and exciting basketball action to your mobile phone -- with new players, moves, and a non-stop challenge! Jump into the most realistic urban courts ever designed and see if you can become a legend!

Key Features

  1. Fits both casual gamers as well as basketball fans.
  2. Non-stop action as you try to make a variety of baskets each with different points and difficulties.
  3. Shoot special baskets to speed up or slow down the pace of game-play.


Baloncesto Callejero Screenshot 1 Baloncesto Callejero Screenshot 2
Baloncesto Callejero Screenshot 3 Baloncesto Callejero Screenshot 4
Baloncesto Callejero