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Mystical Ninja

Set your course for action, adventure, and deception as you jump into the world of the Mystical Ninja.

Use all your ninja skills in this non-stop action and adventure game. As a powerful ninja, you must protect the world from a mysterious force that is threatening to take over the planet. Use all you ninja skills to make your way through the grueling levels filled with various enemies. Master your mystical transformation abilities along the way that will make you an unstoppable machine as you head for the final showdown with the evil menace behind this attack.

Key Features

  1. Fast Paced Action/Adventure with dazzling graphics and addictive game play.
  2. Three different difficulty levels for all types of gamers.
  3. Unique ninja abilities: Use your transformation power to mimic the enemies abilities.
  4. Variety of weapons, tools, and Ninjutsu: Specialized ninja powers offer an enticing array of options. Varied environments force players to think strategically about which set of abilities will be most effective at conquering the different levels.


Mystical Ninja Screenshot 1 Mystical Ninja Screenshot 2
Mystical Ninja Screenshot 3 Mystical Ninja Screenshot 4
Mystical Ninja