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SmarterShopper helps consumers put money back in their pockets by finding them the best prices for all their items, where ever they are, all from their mobile phone!

SmarterShopper allows you to price comparison shop, from your cell phone, for just about anything you want to buy, including music, movies, games, clothing, shoes, electronics, appliances, and more.

Key Features

  1. First mobile application to give consumers power when they are shopping.
  2. Provides up to the minute prices for millions of products in many different categories such as movies, music, software, books, sporting goods, etc.
  3. Search by name, keywords, even bar codes to quickly find the best prices for your product.
  4. Email yourself or your friends the links to your products at prices no one can beat.
  5. Create and share product wish lists with your friends, all from your phone!
  6. In addition to finding you the best prices, SmarterShopper continually searches for the best deals both online and off for the hottest products and sends you the scoop!


SmarterShopper Screenshot 1 SmarterShopper Screenshot 2
SmarterShopper Screenshot 3 SmarterShopper Screenshot 4