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Mensa Genius Challenge

Match wits with Mensa in the world's most intellectually stimulating mobile game!

Mensa, the genius society, brings you a mobile game to challenge your brain with hundreds of different questions in 3 different mind-bending challenges.

Key Features

  1. Casual game appealing to all age groups and demographics.
  2. Backed by an internationally recognized brand, Mensa, giving the game instant credibility as an intellectually challenging game.
  3. Community based game play allowing mobile subscribers, for the first time, to Match Wits against other mobile subscribers to see who has the smarts to be ranked the highest.
  4. Continual content updates to keep subscribers hooked onto the game with new and challenging questions every week.
  5. 3 different Challenges: Mind, Word and Logic giving users questions from many different subjects and categories and ensuring depth of playability.
  6. 9+ different question formats ranging from simple quiz questions to analogies and un-scramblers.
  7. Very attractive user interface designed for simplicity and ease of use.view them later.


Mensa Genius Challenge Screenshot 1 Mensa Genius Challenge Screenshot 2
Mensa Genius Challenge Screenshot 3 Mensa Genius Challenge Screenshot 4
Mensa Genius Challenge