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Starship Defender

Planet Earth faces grave danger from the attacking hordes of the evil mutant empire!

You are the last hope of the gentle people of Earth. You've just lifted off to confront the invading forces of the alien race Celestials. Your hyper-space fighter is armed with the greatest arsenal in the galaxy: air-to-surface and double beam laser cannons for incredible firepower, powerful force fields for protection. You'll need it all, just to survive because at the heart of the Celestial Empire lies the Phalenx Super fortress the nerve centre of the all-knowing, all-seeing Celestial Bio-Computer. It's a Duel to the Death. While the entire galaxy watches, waits and hopes.

Key Features

  1. Intense 2D shooter action as you blast through space, taking out deadly man-made aliens with the most unique weapons system ever
  2. Amazing, huge enemies -- bigger bosses and countless enemies to keep the challenge high
  3. Multiple difficulty levels, from Easy to full-on hard
  4. Blast your way through seven intense stages of classic arcade-style action!


Starship Defender Screenshot 1 Starship Defender Screenshot 2
Starship Defender Screenshot 3 Starship Defender Screenshot 4
Starship Defender